Adding delay when students take a second try at a multiple choice question

Is it possible to add a delay between tries on a multiple choice question? I have students who just quickly try all answers until they get the “self check” smiley face. I want to build in a 20 second delay between guesses, so that they have time to actual relook at the problem before trying another answer choice. Not fool-proof but it will add frustration to my lazy students. I could limit attempts but I want them to eventually get the check-mark.

If you have the feedback triggered by a button press, you could try this:

disabled: this.timeSincePress<20 and this.timeSincePress>0

I would suggest changing the label of the button during this time so the students understand what’s happening.

That was a great idea. I simply made the choice component disappear for 15 seconds if a) the student had submitted, and b) didn’t have the correct choice and c) the timer was between 0 and 15 seconds (it didn’t seem to work for 20 seconds). Thanks.