Boxplot Offset Error Message?

I’m not sure if this is a ‘bug’ or my misunderstanding? In this activity:

An error is reported in the graph for the boxplot offset because the list of values J is empty. J is inserted externally so does it really need to have an initial value set up in the graph? There are no runtime issues.

The errors in the graphing calculator will show up anytime a variable is referenced but not actually defined in the calculator. As long as J is populated with CL, which you have done, it will work just fine. If you want the error message to go away, you can put some dummy values in the list. They will get overridden by the CL once the activity runs.

Thanks @cwinske. I’ve updated the example to print out a few values and now see that the issue is not specific to boxplots. It’s a more general problem related to the handling of empty numberLists.

C is an empty list in the example. Applying the ‘max’ function to it gives “-infinity”! Using max outside the graph on numberList J, which is also empty, produces the same result. That does feel like a bug?

Update: OK, I guess “-infinity” is just another way of saying “undefined” which is the result of applying ‘max’ to an empty list.