Change "edit my response" label

Is there a way of changing the “Edit my response” text that appears after clicking the submit button of an Explain Your Answer prompt?

I’ve tried resetLabel: “text”, which has worked for Math Answer Boxes, but doesn’t seem to work in this case…

Thanks in advance.

P.D: Same happens with Text Answer Boxes…

I don’t think there’s a way to do that. You could add directions conditionally to the explainPrompt, so students know they just need to click in the textbox to edit. (I assume you were just trying to translate.)

explainPrompt: when this.submitted “directions and edit response text”
otherwise “directions text”

Yes, just trying to translate. The thing is that I could translate it in Math Answer Boxes, but not in Text Answer boxes nor in Explain Your Answer Prompt (when it should be exactly the same, that is using resetLabel), so I thought maybe there was some undocumented trick to make it work (changing resetLabel for another sink or whatever these are called).

Thanks anyway.