Check a correct answer

I am trying to check a maths input against an answer that is a variable calculated from random value generated in a note but can’t get the variable in note into the Maths input to check against.

Hopefully this makes sense - new to this.


When you create a variable, myVariable, in one component, myComponent, and want to reference it in another use the general format:


If you’re using it in within a string or a calculation (e.g. in numericValue( ) or simpleFunction( )), you need to surround it with ${ }.

Many thanks for your help - now working.

If it isn’t too much to ask … now I can check the answer is correct could you point me in the right direction on how can I pass back a message to say they are correct.

Many thanks

There are many more examples on this forum. This one is from @Jay at Desmos:

Many thanks for this – your help is very much appreciated.


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