CL doesn't actually update the model unless the user interacts?

Something’s not working the way it seems like it should.

When I set point labels in a graph, and grab them in a later screen

I saw that it worked fine if I interacted with the first screen before moving on, but not if I just skipped the screen.

(Start at screen 1, go to screen 2, go back to screen 1 and move the red dot, and then go back to screen 2)

Weird. And just as a side observation, it is carrying over the default labels from the first graph, but not the ones defined in the CL.

Right it’s finding labels, just not ones put there by the CL, even after they’ve already been displayed.

You know how it is in these rona times - it’s easy to get your sync and async mixed up.

Thanks for the report, I’ll forward it on.

fwiw, we’ve found it to be much more efficient if the point label here was sent from the CL into two directions rather than plugging it into a graph, then using CL to pull it out of the graph and then into another graph. Consider using a CL variable for my point label string and referencing the same variables from both graphs. That should also get around your issue here.