Content sink and MC submitted source not working?

Have there been some changes that I missed? I am having two issues with the slide I’ve posted here: Problem Slide • Activity Builder by Desmos

  1. It appears that Desmos no longer likes variables to be called within a content sink using the ${…} notation? This is news to me, but maybe I just missed it.
  2. More concerning: even when the feedback variable is called using the {#} tool, it’s not displaying. Has something changed with the .submitted source for MC questions?

It does look like it’s any code related to a submit button is what’s messing it up (not the ${ } notation). I know they were deprecating submit buttons for tables. You may want to make a note and text input instead of the explain prompt.

The problem seems to be with the .submitted source. If I remove that, then the feedback will display as intended it should given the choice the student makes. Checking vs unchecking the prompt to Ask student to explain their answer doesn’t seem to impact this.

I don’t want feedback to display until after they submit their response. Is there a new/different source for MC questions?

u=when ladderTrigChoice.submitted 1 otherwise 0

when u=1 and not(ladderTrigChoice.isSelected(1)) “Keep thinking! The side marked 3 feet is ADJACENT to the angle Steve is interested in, and the side marked 12 feet is the HYPOTENUSE of the triangle.”
when u=1 and ladderTrigChoice.isSelected(1) “CORRECT!”
otherwise “”

content: "Steve wants to know: At what angle to the floor should the ladder be placed in order to be at the proper stability?

This angle is marked as Angle A. Which of the following correctly describes this triangle?


My MC feedback broke this morning the same as you described Kirk.

It’s strange that this works, but the original doesn’t.

Right? Is there someone “up the chain” I could pass this?

It was a bit of a shock this morning, as I was presenting on Desmos CL to a large group of NYS math teachers at a virtual conference.

Change your category to “Bugs” (the edit icon next to your title).

Thanks for the report, we’ll look into it.

It appears that the source submitCount can only be read once and if read more than once within the same component or across multiple components then it will create a blank display even if there is something in your content sink.

The first two screens show this in the activity below. The first screen reads the source once and then through the script allows us to display it in different components since the source is being read once and the other components are only detecting the script.

The second screen has components call on submitCount multiple times however only displays it at the title. The components are calling upon submitCount directly from the source and I can only assume that the title read the source first.

It appears that my original screens are back to working as intended.

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