Correct point on a graph

I am trying to use the drag and drop a point on a graph to asses students’ knowledge on the Unit Circle. Is it possible to get a check in the dashboard for a correctly located point on the graph?

Thanks for your help.


What do you have so far?

Bear in mind that this is definitely a work in progress. I started by making it a multiple choice option, but I don’t like that. I think my idea will make it smoother…

i’m not 100% sure of the intention for the first question.
could you elaborate on that?

or are you looking to just have kids plot a point at the correct angle more or less?

Yes. Exactly - just plot the point. If I couldn’t mark that correct (the dot on pi (-6,0) on my graph; then I would resort back to the m/c version that you see there.

Maybe something like this? [Copy of] Unit 7 Quiz #2A • Activity Builder by Desmos

check screen 3

So much more fancy than my version, yet so much simpler in the graph.

Thank you!

So, what if they make a mistake and realize it (maybe even after they’ve answered another question). Is there any way for them to change their answer?

Right now, no. But just change the button scripting to adjust for that if that’s gonna work better

Thank you so much for your help. Have a great weekend.

You can actually still move the point that says locked, but here’s my solution in another thread:

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Ok. I got it. Thank you for your help.

Sorry to bother you again…

I would like a few questions similar to the first one you helped me with, but I cannot figure out how to mark those correct. I saw your CL code: correct: this.number(P.x)=-1

and that P.x is from element #8 in the graph

I am guessing that works for pi because there is only one point w/ x=-1.

But how could I mark the screen correct if I am asking for pi/3 that needs to identify both the x and y values?

I’ve updated the Activity.

Now it will do the following:

  • check the solution relative to the angle
  • randomize the questions
  • provide feedback based on the question

Screen 3 here: [Copy of] Unit 7 Quiz #2A • Activity Builder by Desmos

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Looks like @Mike_Gleeson got you covered, but in general if you need to check multiple values for correctness, just use and:

correct: this.number(`P.x`)=valueHere and this.number(`P.y`)=valueHere


Thanks. I actually tried a version of that, but my (P.y) wouldn’t work in my graph. I also tried to un-randomize @Mike_Gleeson 's suggestion and just ran into headaches.

I may try that route again.

If I may make a suggestion: get away from measuring P.x etc. That’s not really what you’re after.

You’re really trying to figure out if the angle is correct. So measure that instead. You’ll save yourself with less things to check, and you’ll have an approach that works no matter what size of circle you have.

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Been traveling, and had a moment to work on this. The look is a bit barebones, but I think it may offer the functionality you want. Unit Circle Drag Point

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Thank you Daniel, Stein and Mike! I really appreciate it.