Cursor moves out of fraction after pressing subtraction sign

This issue has happened to several students and did happen to me at one point, but unfortunately I am unable to recreate it myself now. I have not yet collected information about which operating systems it is happening on, I will update as soon as I get that info.

When a student is in a math equation box, they type the / symbol to make a fraction template. If the student wants to type something like 5 - 3 in the numerator, they can type the 5, but as soon as they type the subtraction symbol, the cursor will jump out of the numerator and go NEXT to the fraction template. So it will end up look like like (5/nothing) - 3. The only workaround we have found is to type 53 in the numerator, then move the cursor between the two numbers and type the - symbol.

Again, this isn’t happening to all students but it is happening to some.

Hey Katie!

Next time you or a student run into this could you do a few things for us?

  1. Open the activity in an incognito window and see if that makes the problem go away.
  2. Send us the browser information. You can get that quickly by going to and sending us the report from there.