Deactivate Activity?

Seems like something you should be able to do but I must be missing something.

Right now when you create an Activity code, immediately upon starting the Activity you have the ability to deactivate the code. All well and good.

But if you activate it, even for a moment, it seems like there’s no option to deactivate it after that point. That’s a problem.

Any ideas on that?

Does your screen have this link in the bottom left hand corner?

Nope, it’s completely gone once I’ve Deactivated it once and Re-activated. After that, no more Deactivation possible.

I probably worded my original post badly, but it seems to work now as a once-and-once-only thing with Deactivation. It should be a toggle switch to freely Activate and Deactivate imo.

That makes more sense. Try reloading the page once you’ve reactivated. Then open up the student link modal again. Does it pop back up? (It does for me)

Ahh that does work, thanks!

However, that’s… not great from a UX perspective. Really should be a toggle in the UI controls imo to make that functionality clear to the user.

Thanks again

Agreed, its probably a bug or something we didn’t catch. Just making sure it can be replicated reliably before I file a report. Thanks!

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