Editing Preview correctness does not match Classroom correctness

Hi all,
I created a lesson using randomly generated numbers for the first time. These numbers are utilized in slides 13-15.
Here you can see a preview of slide 13 using such numbers in the editor, with the gray check indicating a positive match.

Here, however, a student can have a correct response, but in the Teacher Summary this is incorrect.
I have even attempted to answer the question with the answer from the Student View generated question, but that was still marked incorrect.

Here is my activity. I am indeed lost as to what could be causing this discrepancy. For now I have been manually checking correctness because I want to use the random numbers to minimize answer-sharing for these assessments, but I was hoping the correct: blocks would have navigated around this.

It probably has something to do with the way numericValue is calculated. simpleFunction yields more stable results. This seems to work for Slide 13:

correct: simpleFunction("${this.numericValue}").evaluateAt(0) = 
and this.submitted
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Great workaround! If this is intentional then I hope the documentation adjusts to match, but we’ll see!

You can also do rounding:

correct: numericValue("\round(${this.numericValue},2)") = 

or ranges (if you have a specific value):

correct: this.numericValue<1.44 and this.numericValue>=1.43

You might also consider calculating and rounding “c” in the graph instead of calculating in the CL.

Just to notify anyone who was watching this. This error still persists after the most recent major updates to Desmos Activities (the workaround of course, still works)

The problem here is the use of the hidden graph to generate the random numbers. Because the graph is hidden and no student work is being fed in, the calculator state doesn’t save and when the calculator is broken down on navigation, so are the values.

Since the only use of the calculator is the scripting window for the random integers, you could actually just delete the graph and move the number generation elsewhere.
image image

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Ah that is much nicer, I did not know about being able to access script-instanced values! Thank you!!