Error with sums in simpleFunction

Something’s not working the way it seems like it should.

When I … created this:
StatementScore = simpleFunction(“a+b+c+d+f+g+h+j+h+k”,“a”,“b”,“c”,“d”,“f”,“g”,“h”,“j”,“h”,“k”).evaluateAt(Score1,Score2,Score3,Score4,Score5,Score6,Score7,0,0,0)

Score1 =
when this.indexOfItem(1) = Reasons.indexOfItem(1) 0.5
otherwise 0

Score2 =
when this.indexOfItem(2) > this.indexOfItem(1) 0.5
otherwise 0

Score3 =
when this.indexOfItem(3) > this.indexOfItem(2) 0.5
otherwise 0

Score4 =
when this.indexOfItem(4) = Reasons.indexOfItem(4) 0.5
otherwise 0

Score5 =
when this.indexOfItem(5) > this.indexOfItem(4) 0.5
otherwise 0

Score6 =
when this.indexOfItem(6) > this.indexOfItem(5) and this.indexOfItem(6)> this.indexOfItem(3) 0.5
otherwise 0

Score7 =
when this.indexOfItem(7) > this.indexOfItem(6) 0.5
otherwise 0

I saw that total sum of the scores could be 4!

But I expected that they would be 3.5 because there are only 7 variables and the maximum for each is 0.5!

Here’s the link to the page, dashboard, or activity:Unit 1B Proofs 2.0 • Activity Builder by Desmos

And here are some screenshots or a video:

We should probably throw a warning there when this happens but you have 2 “h” variables in your function. Its taking the first instance of “h” (Score7) and using it twice in the function, once for each “h”


I’ll raise this with engineering and maybe we can alert you of the mistake a little better in the future.
Thanks for the find!

I seriously think I proofread my formula at least 10 times looking for my mistake and couldn’t find it.
A sum function would be cool too.

For each score you could alternatively define numbers in a graph, put those in a list and use total( ) in the graph.