Feedback to students: TMI... please fix

Something’s not working the way it seems like it should.

When I … was using Feedback with students.

I saw … that it was a MESS on their side. Way too much text/info.

But I expected … it to be easier to read/use on the student side. Suggestion: Only show the text/feedback for the screen they are currently on. And show only a clickable button “Go to screen #”, no other text, for the other screens that have feedback on them. (Thanks for making teacher feedback editable.) My students (in 6th grade) need less, not more. Can y’all please fix this, quickly? :] Thanks!

Here’s the link to the page, dashboard, or activity:

And here are some screenshots or a video:

Another example.

I’ll forward this request to the team, thanks!

Good call, @Munnmath!

When we designed and tested this, we anticipated relatively few comments per student (the halcyon days of in-person instruction), and it was more important to be able to see a comment at a glance than to have few visible on the screen. We’ll rethink those designs. Can’t promise a quick fix though, since it’ll have some cascading effects on the design of this feature.

  • Eli

Thanks Eli- that does make sense back in the face2face days. This was my attempt at giving an assessment and grading it with feedback…

Now that we’re still doing remote teaching, I could really use the suggested change.

Thanks for the prompt reply,
:slight_smile: Jamie