Google Classroom help

Something’s not working the way it seems like it should.

When I … Assign with Google Classroom (Yeah! Thanks for adding this!)

I saw … it posts it immediately to their classroom

But I expected … an option to post it at a future date and possible add a description.

Here’s the link to the page, dashboard, or activity:
no link.
And here are some screenshots or a video:
Desmos (missing options)

Quizizz pic (has all needed options)

I do hope you’re able to add this option soon.
:slight_smile: Jamie Munn

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Thanks for the feature request. I’ll get this to the team.

The workaround I’ve seen is to reuse the post in Google Classroom, schedule it, then delete the original post.

That’s a possibility, but I think it will send kids an email about the original post, before it’s deleted.

Thanks for the suggestion though!

I agree this is needed. Maybe there could be an option to save the Desmos post as a draft rather than posting it immediately to students? Then the teacher could go to GC and make changes and schedule.

And there will always be the kids who are going to be gone the day of the activity who need it early, etc…so being able to assign it to individual students ahead of the rest of the class (eventually) could also be helpful.

I’ve been doing this, but I have to quickly delete it from Google Classroom before it sends an email to students telling them they have a new assignment. It’s the best possible for now.