Grading and Assigning points

Is there a way to write a computation layer to give students a total number of points each slide is worth and how much they earned overall?

You just need to define those point values, and whether a student is correct or not. Then, in a final slide, have a variable for the total. Variables from any component can be accessed like this:


You could use numericValue in the CL or define numbers in a graph and do computations in the graph.

Would this work for all types of questions. Not just multiple choice.

How you define “correct” for different kinds of questions require you to have different conditions to define, but the rest of what I described is universal.

If you have something specific and you’re not too familiar with CL you should ask with details and/or share your activity.

Hey! Do either of you have an example I can look at so I can do this myself?

I don’t usually do this, but if you search the forum there are a number of quiz and assessment templates people have shared.

Thanks, I will try using template as part of my key word search. I couldn’t figure out what combination of words to use to find what I need.