Is it possible to disable Action Button capture history to improve performance?

Hello there! Yesterday, I released Let’s Explore Geography, a text-adventure game built using Desmos Computation Layer. The game is implemented as a big Action Button state machine with around a hundred capture variables and about 200 KB of Computation Layer code split between four components.

A few players have been having issues with the game running slower and slower the further they get in it. I’m not completely sure why this is happening, but I suspect Desmos is trying to store/upload the entire capture history each time the button is pressed. I expect players to hit the Action Button a few hundred times over the course of a game, so with a hundred variables, this would probably start to slow things down pretty quickly on an older device.

I’m not actually using history in my code at all, just lastValue. Is it possible to somehow disable history storage to alleviate the performance issues my players are seeing? (Alternatively, is there some other tool/process I should be using to try and find and fix whatever’s slowing down my Computation Layer scripts?)

Sorry - currently not possible, but the system already knows what it needs to to make that optimization, so we’ll try to get that built in.