Matrix / Array in Note


I am trying to write question in note that include an array but can’t figure how to input.

Can someone help please?

Many thanks

Are you trying to do something like this: Note with Array • Activity Builder by Desmos ?
I just used math text within the note (the square root symbol on the component view) on two separate lines to create the array.

Depending on what you need to display, could you upload an image in a media component and use the note to ask the question?


Many thanks for that.

Your suggestion certainly works, I was trying to bracket it as a matrix but certainly communicates the info.

The second option of an image I did try but then met the problem of sizing it - it came out looking ridiculously big by comparison to the text - is there a way to control the size of an image.

Tanks again for your help,

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If you only need two rows, you can fudge this using the \binom function and fiddling around a bit with the spacing - eg.

\binom{5 6}{7 8}

As you’re probably aware, you can’t type latex like that directly into the box but if you copy and paste it in (or type it in manually, then highlight and hit the “Type Math” button) then it’ll work.

For anything beyond a 2 x n matrix, I don’t see an obvious solution.

Thanks that is great.


Updated the link to the activity to include media uploads. The first scree is with no whitespace. The second is with a ton of white space on either side of the image. I just took a screenshot via Microsoft Snipping Tool. Desmos preserves the white space, so the effect is that the image scales down.

Thanks - That is really useful


I’m working on something that does what you’re asking for, up to a 4x4 matrix, similar in feel to something like this: Piecewise Expressions in Notes | Component Based Approach

Not happy with how the Augmented Matrix side of things is turning out, so not sure when/if I’ll be done with it.