Point checking - Credit: Eric Berger

A circle appears around the ordered pair entered in a table.

I’m trying to create a transformation activity where the students translate (or rotate or reflect) given pre-image points to their image location based on directions (like "translate right 3 units and down 2 units), and then type the coordinates for the image points in a table. I was hoping to check both the location of the points plotted as well as the coordinates that they type in the table. I’m able to check the plotted points, but can’t seem to figure out how to check the coordinates in the table that would be listed as an ordered pair. I feel like the example above could be used to check the coordinates in the table, but I can’t see the CL because it won’t let me copy the activity (it says “This activity can’t be copied because it contains a deprecated feature.”). Do you have any other ideas to check the ordered pairs in the table?
Here’s what I have so far:

         and parseOrderedPair(this.latex).y=8

cellContent(1, 4):
  when table.submitted 
    (when isCorrectT1  "✅"
     otherwise "❌ Try again.")
otherwise ""

I threw in using a nested when-otherwise so you don’t have to use not(submitted). Can be really handy with more complicated checks.

Rather than setting actual numbers, you could also have correct values in graph and use graph numbers instead of 8 (useful if you start using randomized values, though tricky with triangles, tbh).

Thanks so much for this! I’m still really new to CL, so I’m not sure what the error I have right now means. I used what you shared with me and the error says:
component “table1” has no source “latex” and then gives me some options.

Any ideas?

Sorry. This instead?:

         and numericValue("${parseOrderedPair(this.cellContent(1,3)).y}")=8

I forgot parseOrderedPair outputs latex, not numbers, and forgot to identify the cell.

Perfect!! Thank you so much!

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