Remove Choices Based on Previous Choice

Removes a choice based on what is selected on a previous screen.

I took your activity and applied it to my 7th grade activity. Amber Smith helped me with this as well. The teachers love it!

I’m wondering if I can add one more element to it. Students will eliminate 2 wrong choices and give their reason why. They will have 2 remaining choices to choose the correct answer. If they eliminated the correct answer on one of the previous slides, I would like for a response on slide 1C to give a response saying something like, “Sorry but you eliminated the correct answer choice on one of the previous slides”. Is this possible?

On the slide you’re referring to, you just need to enter a conditional in the note component. Something like: when choice.isSelected(1) “You eliminated the correct answer” otherwise “Display directions.” Just replace “choice” with the name of the component you’re referencing and the number 1 with the position of the correct answer.

I took the original and made an example of that here: [Copy of] choice removal • Activity Builder by Desmos

You could reduce your lines of code by using not(choice1.submitted) as the first condition and then use otherwise for the most frequent possibility.

choiceContent(1): when not(choice1.submitted) “Go back and submit an answer”
when choice1.isSelected(1) B
otherwise A

Also, the second to last line in the CL of slide 2 should have C as the result.