"Rows = max" line in graph

Can anyone teach me what “r_{ows}” means in a graph entry? I’ve been seeing this over and over in graphs that I’ve been copying and editing, and I wish I knew what it was doing.

r_{ows}= max ({length(x)<10: length (x),0}, {length(y)<10: length (y),0})

Thank you!

I don’t really know the context but this lines does the following…

It takes two lists (list x and list y)
And it returns the length of the longest list that is shorter than 10.
If both lists are larger than 10 it returns 0.

Not immediately clear to me why it would be useful but if I thought about it longer or had some additional context I’m sure I could help more.

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That’s very helpful - I understand how to read it now. Thank you very much!

I still don’t understand the purpose for it. One example of it is here… can you tell why it’s included?

I’m guessing the purpose is to set the maximum number of rows in a table based on the lists in the graph.

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Ahhh, got it! I can figure out other uses for that now. Thank you!