Setting a variable in a graph

Steve, this activity is amazing! I had a lot of fun going through it myself and am adding it to my end-of-year activity list :slight_smile:

Thanks, Joseph! I’m glad you had fun and may be able to use it.

Since this activity is based on multiplication, I’ve developed a prequel based on addition, a fairly well-known star drawing activity. You may have some more fun and may be able to use it as well: Cookie Party • Activity Builder by Desmos

All suggestions, fixes, and general (& specific) feedback are welcome.

I almost forgot: I led a session recently in a MathPcikle/MoMath activity, captured on YouTube: Cookies - PuzzleTime with Steve Heller ages 7+ - YouTube

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This is awesome and so cool to see how it works when you use it with children! These kids are awesome. Just sent you a DM