Transformations with Exponentials

Hi everyone,
I made an activity that I’ll hopefully be walking my Algebra 1 students through after Christmas break when we start our Exponential Functions unit! In previous years, they’ve been taught transformations of linear functions first, but our team agreed that too many of the transformations look the same with linear functions, so this is our students’ first encounters with transformations.

I’d LOVE some feedback on ways that you would use this, or what you might change/add/take away if you were to use it.

I like the visual feedback and the animation.

You can get rid of the error icons in your inputs by adding:
errorMessage: ""

I’d also like labels and/or color coding the functions. Maybe make the parent function dashed instead of solid as well.
You can add color to your latex like this:
`\textcolor{red}{ f(x)=2^{x} }`

(keep in mind screen readers may not play nicely with the text color)