What does export (" ") do?

On the first slide, in the CL of Input1 “export (” “)” appears.

export("attempts"): "${this.submitCount}"
export("attempt values"): "${v1}${v2}${v3}${v4}"

I have looked for information in Computation Layer Documentation and I do not find any reference.
What does export ("") do?

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There are some sinks that are Desmos-only. Pretty sure this is one of those.

Does that mean that there is another teacher panel and other Desmos activities with more features / possibilities? Or are they beta or alpha type things?

They are only for proprietary activities made by Desmos. I asked before about this (can’t find the thread though), mostly all the different export sinks.

Yeah, the export sink won’t do anything for the activity itself, you’re not missing out on anything. It works with some internal tools go give us more insight into the activities themselves.

Ok Jay , thanks. I am new and I am interested in learning. So every time I find something new, I ask.


As you should! Explore away!

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