Why is my button timeSincePress and pressCount Initially Undefined?

I’m sorry, but I have another question. In all of my other activities, when I monitor the timeSincePress and pressCount of a button, as soon as I preview the screen they set to 0. But, on the activity below, as soon as I preview the screen, they are stuck on undefined. That means I cannot use triggers like when timeSincePress=0 or when pressCount=0. What have I done wrong now?



I haven’t had the opportunity to use the new Activity Builder very much, but this doesn’t appear to be functioning like I remember it working in the past. I even tried creating some conditionals like isDefined(action.timeSincePress) and that didn’t help. Maybe I’m missing something that somebody else can notice, but I think this could be submitted to the bug reports section.

Is there an easy way to move this to the bug section or do I just need to write a new one?

You can edit and change the category. I can do it for you, taking a look now.


For future, there’s an edit icon next to your title. After you click it, you have the option to change your category.

It should be fixed now. @eli_desmos got you covered!

Thanks for the fix @eli_desmos.
I can’t believe I found something buggy. I always happens when you push to do something a tool was never designed for. :slight_smile: