Accessing today's date

Is there any way of getting today’s date in the graph/calculator?

Do you have a specific use case for this?

Trying to write a function to calculate a student’s age from their date of birth.

No way to do that yet, sorry.

I’d love a “getDate” function. I’m thinking I’d like a way to randomize things in the activity to be based off of the date. Then the whole class would be working off the same problems for that day but if I reassign the activity the next week for review, the problems could be a new set without having to change the activity beyond a new class code.

You can use the randomGenerator in the CL to randomize problems. You can either use it to individually set variables in the CL, or use it to define a seed value in a graph, and use the seed value within the graph to randomize (since the graph “random” isn’t totally random on it’s own).

I’m familiar with randomGenerator but I’m looking for a way to have the whole class working off the same random variable for the day so when we pause and discuss student responses we are working off the same problem if that makes sense.

You could set your seed to the pressCount of a button, or even a math input that you direct students to enter a certain value for that day.