Action Button linked to Random Generator in Graph

Does anyone know if you can link the action button to the random features within a graph screen? I know I can generate random numbers in the computation layer, but I want to randomize a list in the graph screen by pushing the action button.

So ,I think I either need to link the action button to the random features within the graph screen or write a sort function to arrange a list based on the random generator in the computation layer.

Any ideas would be appreciated!


If I understand your request correctly, you will want to pass the action button’s press count as an input to your random number generator (like below). This will cause any change to the button’s press count to change any random number from that generator; use that random number generator to produce the values in your graph, and you should be all set.

r = randomGenerator(actionbutton.presscount)

Hope this helps!

Thanks Shaun, that’s not quite what I meant. I know I can pass the random numbers from the CL to the graph. What I want is to re-randomize a line like: random([40,41,45,31],5) in the graph screen when I press the action button.

You can set the random function to seed based on a variable and then set that variable to the buttons press count. That’ll seed a new list in each press.

Magnificent! That’s so simple.
Thanks so much!