Animate Image along arced line

Please help animate this grasshopper to hop along an arc when the button is pressed. Right now it just sits at the starting position.

Here’s a graph:

Thanks Daniel!
When I moved the landing spot (f_2) to a value greater than 3, the grasshopper wouldn’t go all the way to it. What needs to change to fix that?

On line 9, change the lowercase c variable to lowercase d.

Thanks. I guess I wasn’t thorough enough figuring out what had been done. I almost started from scratch.

Yikes! Glad you didn’t start over!
Yes, that worked.
I added a button to activate the jump too.
Now I’d like to add this:
I’d like to make two arcs- one for each addend.
Is there an easy way to add an arc for the initial jump from zero to the first addend?
Then when the button is pressed, the grasshopper would jump from Zero to the first point, then continue from there to the 2nd point.