Anonimity list filtering

List filtering only work if the list stored in variabel, but how do I filter it without known its name?

For example

L = [ 2,3,5,7]

So L[L>3] (2 elements list).
That list stored in variable name L.

But how to filter without storing to variabel? Or anonym list?

For example

[3,4,5,6][>3] (3 element list)

I’m not aware of a way of doing this. Can you explain what you’re trying to achieve overall? There may be another way to achieve what you want.

Im sorry for unclear question, I simply want use conditional/filter list.

I already achieve it, but this only work if I stored list in a variabel, like L list above question.

How do I achieve it with direct expression without storing to variabel.

Here is a possible solution using list comprehension and a piecewise function: Filter Unnamed Lists

The solution might be more complicated than naming each list you want to filter, but I suppose if you have a lot of lists you don’t want to name, it could be useful. If this doesn’t help with your problem, could you explain in more detail how you want to use list filtering (e.g. what project you want to use it in) so we can be more helpful?