Can a Button reset pressCount for another button

Someone at work chose to do multiple activities with action buttons on the front screen. Much of the rest of each activity is linked to the pressCounts of these action buttons.

So… if a student chooses the wrong button, they are stuck in an activity designed for another location.

My question is whether it is possible to reset the pressCounts for the buttons buttonNY, buttonSF etc, when the “Reset” button is pressed. This would allow the student to correct a mistake and also (later in the activity) display the right content for them.

The screen is attached.

I don’t think there is a way to reset pressCounts directly. You could do something where you had a reset button for each of the buttons, and then subtracted the pressCount of the reset button from the pressCount of the main button, but that would be kind of a pain and you would have to change all the rest of the activity anyway to interact with a variable that stored that result.

You could change the pressCounts to timeSincePress (like this: [Copy of] Buttons Question • Activity Builder by Desmos) and then change all the pressCounts to timeSincePress in the rest of the activity.

But since you have to change everything in some way anyway, I think the best option is probably to change the front page to be multiple choice component, and then change the rest of the activity to connect with whichever option is selected.

Maybe someone else has a different approach, but that is all I can think of.

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Here’s how I’d do it with MC’s as @Daniel_Wekselgreene suggests. The resetOnChange will very cleanly affect all dependent displays.
Anywhere that was dependent on any button now needs similar to the notes.

This doesn’t help solve the problem but for what it’s worth, the documentation is in error as to how resetOnChange works, since it claims that the component will reset on string change, not just the timeSincePress property.

I’d consider this a true bug.