Capturing a numberList with the push of one button

I have created a stats lesson that will shuffle two lists together and rerandomize them. This is for hypothesis testing. I am looking for a way to capture a list of 100 shufflings at the push of a button as opposed to capturing a list with 100 pushes of a button. I shared a select few slides from my activity to show you how I did the shufflings. On slide 2, the student needs to hit randomize 100 times to generate the list of 100 shufflings. It does this by using the capture and history features. But, it is cumbersome to tap the randomize button 100 times. I want a way so that I can shuffle the two lists 100 times with only one push of the button. On slide 3 I started to set this up, but it does not capture the shufflings because the capture feature only works with each press of the button. Is there any way to capture a list without having to continuously hit the button? Or are there any stats teachers out there that can help me think of a way to get the bell curve of 100 shufflings? Attached is the link for the activity Im working on.

First, note also, a capture can only capture a numeric value. If you wanted to capture a list, you would need to capture each element separately.

I think you could use actions to achieve your goal. Action button changes a value. That value change activates incrementing your list seed value, and join that list to a previous list. Your lists won’t be saved separately, but they’ll be saved. There’s also a limit to list length, so you may end up with issues.