Card Sort Total into table

Can someone help me understand how to fix this error?

The error message is blocking it, but you probably missed the closing quotation in the line before. Also, you have some unnecessary or's at the end of your when lines.

So here is what I am trying to write. Maybe you can help me…
On an earlier slide I have a card sort and I have set it up to count the number of cards the students get correct using:
correct = Sort1.totalCorrectCards
subtitle: “Total Correct Cards: ${correct}”

This works well on the earlier slide. At the end of the activity, I have a table and I want the number of cards correct to appear in that table. That is where I am getting stuck.

You could save yourself needing correct by just replacing correct in the subtitle with Sort1.totalCorrectCards.

Since the number of correct cards is a numericValue you can use this in your table:

cellNumericValue(row, column): Sort1.totalCorrectCards

If you ever want to access a variable you’ve created from another component or slide, it would look like this (to access correct from Sort1):


Thank you! I had to leave it as cellContent but now it works.