Changing the Equations of Lines in Line Zapper


I am currently using the Line Zapper Desmos Activity and I am having a hard time changing the equations to match my two equations

y = -2x + 6
y = -3x + 2

Could someone help me change these equations to fit the Line Zapper functionality. This would be super helpful.

Also, it would be helpful if you could help me change the equations with these two graphs as well:

y = 3x + 4
y = 2x - 4

Here, I think this is what you asked for. Just copy paste those screens into the full activity.

I think that the activity could definitely be designed to be modified easier, but anyways, here are the values you need to edit if you need to do more:

Note: when you’re editing the graph, the lines won’t show as changed - you need to preview to see them. This also applies to when you’re editing the location of the labels. I just guess-and-checked my way to a decent location for them.