Checking Expressions and Lesson Score Issue

Hi - I have this activity and have two issues.

  1. The table on slide 5 works fine but it also takes students answers if they don’t simplify their result. Is there anyway to make it more specific?
  2. On my lesson score slide, there is an error in one of the codes and I cannot find it. I imagine it is something simple that I am just overlooking but I can’t find it.


The method used using to check the expression on slide 5 is probably better than what was used on slide 3. When you check latex, students could insert an extra space and it would incorrectly be marked wrong. However, it’s not going to catch whether or not it’s written in standard form. Maybe you could add a conditional feedback that asks them to check whether or not it’s written in the preferred form? It would only appear if the expression evaluates correctly, so you will know they are probably on the right track. Maybe others have a better suggestion for this.

On the last slide, problems 1 and 3 did not need the ${} symbols.

#You Try 1
cellContent(1,2): when Add.script.correct "1"
otherwise "0"

#You Try 2
cellContent(2,2): "${Subtract.cellNumericValue(3,2)}"

#You Try 3
cellContent(3,2): when Mult.script.correct "1"
otherwise "0"

#Additional Practice
cellContent(4,2): "${Table.cellNumericValue(6,3)}"

#Lesson Score

Using countNumberUsage will make sure that they have combined like terms. Note that this does NOT require that the expression have the highest-degree term first. Just add to your correctness scripts:

fn1 = simpleFunction(Subtract.cellContent(1,2),“x”)
correct1 = fn1.evaluateAt(-5) = -104 and fn1.evaluateAt(5) = -24 and fn1.evaluateAt(11) = -168
and countNumberUsage(Subtract.cellContent(1,2),2)=2
and countNumberUsage(Subtract.cellContent(1,2),8)=1
and countNumberUsage(Subtract.cellContent(1,2),14)=1

fn2 = simpleFunction(Subtract.cellContent(2,2),“x”)
correct2 = fn2.evaluateAt(-5) = 104 and fn2.evaluateAt(5) = 24 and fn2.evaluateAt(11) = 168
and countNumberUsage(Subtract.cellContent(2,2),2)=2
and countNumberUsage(Subtract.cellContent(2,2),8)=1
and countNumberUsage(Subtract.cellContent(2,2),14)=1