Checking for the correctness of an equation or expression

I want the correctness of a math response to allow for multiple versions of an expression/equation. For example, “2x+5” will work but I am having trouble with 2*x + 5. Also, how would you write an expression for division and one that includes a fraction?

Are you trying to have it written in a specific form, or is any equivalent expression ok? If any form is ok, that’s easier, because you can just treat the expression like a function and check it against test values. If you need it to be in a specific form, it’s a bit harder because you will want to do pattern matching. I can provide an example once you clarify your need (if you need specific forms, say exactly what forms you need, since different forms will need different patterns).

I would like to have any equivalent expression.

Ok, there are two main ways, using CL or calculating in the graph. Here are examples of each. Let me know if anything is unclear.

Also, in case you don’t know, the easiest way to create the LaTex for an expression (in my opinion) is to type up the expression in desmos, either the graph or in a math response box, and then copy it. When you paste it into CL, it will paste in correctly formatted LaTex.

Thank you so much! You gave me the exact info that I needed!! Thank you especially telling me about typing an expression or equation into a math response box and copying it!!! That is a wonderful trick!!!

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