Clear table entries

Is it possible to clear a table based on a condition being met?
I think I have my logic correct in that when tries = clear the table should be cleared, otherwise the values, if any, in the table should remain. What I want to do is clear the table if they’ve generated a new example to try.

number("t_{ries}"): button1.pressCount

when graph1.number("c_{orrect}")>=0.5 simpleFunction("a+1").evaluateAt(button1.pressCount) 
otherwise button1.pressCount

Here is the AB it’s in reference to

Sorry, no way to do that yet.

This is possible now! resetOnChange works in tables the same way it works in math inputs.

Note: This will clear all student work in a table, not just a particular cell

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Ooh, awesome! Thanks for the update!