Conics with random problem generator

Conic Sections comprehensive review

The only limitation of this review is that user input cannot be removed after each submission, since the random generator technically stays on the same slide. Oh and the way I have to write the foci, it does not recognize Pythagorean triples.

I gave this review this week with my pre-calculus classes and students have really enjoyed it. I am actually giving the test via CL as well in a similar manner.

Just based on what’s here I’m super excited to see what you have. I think there are definitely ways to fix the problems you are having. If you make the activity public I’d love to dive in!!

I have updated it throughout the week. Four sets of classes certainly act well as beta testers. I found all the ways problems were being counter correct when they shouldn’t have been and vice versa. I also added in a randomizer for which axis is an irrational number. I also added in notes with some sketches.

I still don’t know how to have the table cells clear after they submit and the slope of the asymptotes and square roots aren’t being written in simplest form.

I switched it over to public. I just don’t like publishing until I feel like I have a finished product – but this one is close enough now. Only my second week using CL, so I am still getting used to how to build different aspects of my activities. I tried to go back and clean up the coding, folders, and add notes so it’s a bit friendlier for a third-party viewer.

Thanks in advance, I look forward to your input.