Converting Text Input to a Function

I have an activity for students to practice graphing parent functions with transformations. It works well. One slide has them type in an equation for the graph that they are seeing, then I use the SimpleFunction in my CL to sketch the graph of what they have typed to see if it is correct.

This works great.

I’d like to add a slide where students see a function f(x) and a transformation of that function, then they type the transformation into an input box, something like: 3f(-(x+3))+7. But, in this case SimpleFunction does not allow me to draw the graph. Is there some way that I can take the text they typed and parse it in such that it graphs it?

Here is the activity that I’m working with. Slide 5 & 6 is where I’m having trouble. If you look at slides 1 & 2 and how they interact, you can see what I’m hoping for slides 5 & 6.

I posted this thread a while back for a similar request: