Copying regression statistic to next slide

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I am getting my students to remove data of their choosing from a table in a graph. This will change the regression line + statistics.

On the next slide I want to ask the question ‘The value of r of you regression line was ${r} … interpret what this means…’ As the data removed will change (student to student) I need to reference the r value from the previous graph somehow but can’t see any previous threads that suggest how this might work… Coding that works for other variables doesn’t seem to work:
r = g3.number(“r”)
Activity I am working on is here. Slides 5 and 7 are the relevant ones…

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For linear relationships, there is a correlation function built into the calculator. This will give you the correlation coefficient that can be used for another screen.
If you want to round this value, wrap the round function around correlation function. You could use this for your a and b variables as well.


Thank you for this! It nows does exactly what I want it to.