Correct/Incorrect feedback one at a time

Is there a way to have students answer numerical questions one at a time but to check their answers after each before moving on?

For example:
part 1: find the radius
part 2: using the radius, now find the area
part 3: using the area now find the sector area

This is my standard format for checking an input. (There are different methods for checking non-integer answers, so I’ll leave that alone.) Say this is input1:

check= {your condition here}
correct: check

Use the following to hide a note (for the next question) and the next input:

hidden: not(input1.script.check)

In addition to the hidden sink, you still want the same format for checking answers in inputs (Note: it’s okay if they’re all called check since you need to reference a specific component anyway.)

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will that put a check after each answer so you can’t move on without part 1 correct?

You can use:

suffix: when not(this.submitted) "" when check "✅" otherwise "❌"

Feedback won’t show until the submit button is pressed.