Domain and range of Trig Functions

Hi guys!

I would like feedback on this activity. I have put many hours on this! Probably more than 20. This is a precalc activity with a high level of interaction and feedback.

Please if you find Desmos mistakes, Math mistakes or English Mistakes (I am not a native speaker) let me know.

I miss that Desmos doesn’t have an obvious way to tell the student that they are right.

Tank you Desmos developers for you hard work!

Roger Borrell

I think you should direct students in the first slide to adjust the zoom so that the whole graph is shown. It jumps a lot if the graph isn’t fully visible in the screen.

Slide 2 (and 16) is a beautiful animation, but could be extremely confusing for students. There’s so much going on!

Slide 9: the domain doesn’t adjust in the graph if a bracket is used. Also, don’t know if you’ve taught (or been explicit about) the relevance of a dashed line versus a solid line as the domain is shown.

Slide 11 (maybe others): you may want to use the .submitted function for correctness. Currently, “Correct!” displays as soon as they click the correct combination whether they click Submit or not. No fireworks if they don’t submit!

Slide 18: Maybe make theta a unique color and specify in the directions.

Slide 20: I suggest setting the initialTool to the line tool

Slide 24: Edit the correctness check to require a submitted. A student typing pi/2 would get “correct” feedback as soon as they type pi.

Slide 25: Full shading of the domain as was done in previous slides would be useful.

By the way, if your students understand set notation and logical operators, congratulations!

Tank you for your feedback. Right now I don have the energy to change anything but I really appreciate your feeback.