Double Table correctness

I am trying to create a table where students enter the squares in one column and cubes in another column of numbers 1-15. I would like to add another column that tells them if they are correct or not.

I’m really trying but cannot seem to find a way for code the CL for both columns being correct.
Any help is immensely appreciated.
Thanks in advance!

You can use functions within CL or a graph.

sq= simpleFunction(`x^2`)
cb= simpleFunction(`x^3`)
cellContent(1,4): when sq.evaluateAt(this.cellNumericValue(1,1))= this.cellNumericValue(1,2) 
   and cb.evaluateAt(this.cellNumericValue(1,1))=this.cellNumericValue(1,3) "✅"
   otherwise "❌"

Repeat changing the row number for each set of cell coordinates.

Thank you! That is exactly what I needed.

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