Duplicating Slides that have CL

Currently, I am using an elaborate slide I created as a template for all of the other slides. After duplicating I am replacing the component names (i.e. from graph1 to graph2, table1 to table2, etc.). I then go into the CL, copy and paste it into MS Word and using find and replace to change out the components in each CL. This feels very inefficient and I have a feeling there is a more efficient means of accomplishing this. Any suggestions are appreciated.

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Yes there is an easier way. You can assign component names to variables. That way you only have to change a few lines in your CL code instead of changing every line that references a component. Here’s an example below…

#Assign components to variables.

#Use variable names instead of component names.

Let me know if that helps at all or if that even makes any sense.



There’s also the option to call each component with “this” as its name.


It might be possible to just duplicate a previous screen without updating anything if there are no dependencies on other screens or components.


I am not sure how to make use of the “this” naming convention. Does it refer to the slide number or the component itself?

The activities I build have students inputting on a table which feeds into a graph. The table component also pulls from the graph in order to validate student inputs for correctness. Using the previous suggestion, I am defining the variables at the start of the graph component.


So when I duplicate these slides I change the names of the two components, then change the numbers once more within the graph CL, Four backspaces and four new numbers is a huge improvement from what I was doing. But if I can do even less… time is at a premium!

You use “this” anytime you need to reference the current component. In your example if any of this code is typed into the table or graph script you can replace the “graph” or “table” reference with “this”

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I don’t suppose there is a function used to refer to a specific component type in the screen. I was hoping to allow a non-CL user the chance to duplicate a slide without having to change any names, any CL, etc.