Evaluating two functions to the same number but CL doesn't say they match

I’m trying to create a “check” for a multi-variable equation.

I have the right-side of the math input through parseEquation and create a function to evaluate at three values. I also have another function that is the “answer” function also evaluating at three values.

When each evaluateAt runs, I get the same number for both functions but when I try to set them equal the coding says they aren’t. I tried putting them in numericalValue but that just made things worse. Any help.


The original teacher who made the slide created all the iterations of the answer to check against while I want to have just one function to check against.

Seems to be working to me. I added a component name to the feedback note with the function evaluations. Then, I used note.script.correct in the correct sink for Input5, and it gives a checkmark on the dashboard.

Thanks - after stepping away and eating lunch I came back and realized I commented out the first line of the when-otherwise code that would prompt the “correct” text when the values match.

As soon as I uncommented that out it was working. That was a little coding error that had a big impact I overlooked.