Getting questions to pop up after student answers

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So, I am trying to create a code, in which, students have a two-part question, but the second part of the question does not show up until they have answered the first part. Any ideas on how I could code that other than using a table?

I’m thinking you want a question, answer, question, answer scenario. If using Note, Math Input, Note, Math Input, you can keep notes hidden using content: sink in the CL. You can keep Math Input hidden using hidden: sink in the CL.

Assuming your first Math Input is input1, put this in the CL for the second question:

content: feedback
feedback = when not(input1.submitted) "" otherwise "Second question here"

And this in the CL for the second answer:

hidden: when not(input1.submitted) true otherwise false
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You can use the hidden sink for notes as well, but “” has the result, so doesn’t matter.

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