How do i repeat a function n times

how do i repeat a function n times without having to add multiple of the same function (it will take a lot of them at the same time)

Why do you need it multiple times? There may be a more efficient way than having separate expression lines for each one.

off the dome I’d say make a template with all the appropiate transformations and then for each transformation make it a list.



That way you can have a bunch of different versions of the original parent function. Depending on what you’re doing, those lists can be dynamic and have elements added to them from the CL layer.

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If you want to repeat the same function, graphed with the same color, you could also use something like:


This would make 10 “copies” of a line with slope 4 and y-intercept -6.

(There is a method to have different colors using a list, but I think it’s a little unwieldy)