How to "connect" a list of points in the order of their index

I’ve been trying to figure out how one would go about connecting every point in a list of points with one line that “hits” each point in the order of there index, say you have a list of points like this L=[(1,2),(3,1/2),(-1,-7)] the appropriate function when graphed would produce a line starting at (1,2) that connects directly to (3,1/2) and then changes direction and connects to (-1,-7), the solution I’m looking for has to work for any size list, and should be able to “go back” and pass through a point that’s already been “hit” if it is listed again.
If any one has any ideas that could help, please let me know!

Does it specifically need to be a function that does this? Desmos will natively join points together from a list, if that’s all you need:

No, that works, i cant believe I’ve over looked it though

Easily done, we’ve all missed something quite straightforward at some point. Glad it works for you.

Oh, here’s what I needed it for if you’re interested:
Angle & Distance to piecewise line thing