How to get Function that yields correct response

How do I make CL so that when a student input a function it marks the question as correct if it is indeed correct? All that is coming up on the dashboard are dots.

I checked only one of your screens and it should work this way.
Put function in your graph’s CL and compare student’s response to given function. Then make graph readOnly: true
because graph allows inputs that desmos doesn’t know to handle(my understanding)
Define functions in graph’s CL too.
I am still having trouble with links on this email frame, but I am sure you could get it.

Right now, I_1 in your graph is an equation, not a number, but check1 is looking for it to evaluate to 1.

I found a very similar activity to mess with as a starting point. I used a code in the math input section to check for y values when x is 0, 1, and 2. This made the check mark show up in the teacher dashboard when students input an equation equivalent to the given problem. Then using the count number usage you can make sure students don’t just type in the same equation from the problem.