How to multiply?

I’m sure I’m missing something here, but I can’t figure out how to multiply two numbers in CL. If I have students put in 2 and 3 into two separate math inputs, can I use CL to multiply them to get 6 and display that value in a note?

Thanks so much!

Directly into a note:

content: "${numericValue("${input1.latex} * ${input2.latex}")}"

You could also create a variable in the CL, and then use the {#} button in the main component.

Thank you, that worked! I don’t understand all the type conversions here (latex->string->numeric), but hopefully I will soon!

Here’s what I was working on:

I’d love suggestions if you have any, especially regarding the formatting of the note.

Latex is formatted math, like you see in the graphing calculator.
Strings are basically text.
Numeric is essentially a number, but not in latex form.

Different functions require different entry types. The ${ } is basically calling in a variable. It needs to be in a compatible form. So, input.latex is pulling in the math formatting instead of just the text.
I don’t always remember what is what, but the errors will usually tell you it expected this or that if you’ve got the wrong type.