Identical Component Names when Copying Slides

Hi CL’ers. Perhaps the adage, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” applies here, but I’m a bit worried about the stability of my activities when I make copies of a slide and the components are all named the same thing.

For example, here is a short activity I put together for differentiation. I built the first slide, copied it, and changed the graphs but that was it. As a result, there are identically named components on slides 1 and 2 called Graph, Answer, and LooksGood. It all seems to work fine… but… is this going to bite me in the *** someday?

Thanks for all the help!


Hey there!

Component name rules were changed to allow duplicates for the purpose of making copying and pasting screens easier and more accessible!

The only time you’ll run into ay trouble is if you reference a duplicate component name from another screen.

Changes highlighted in this announcement: Update to component naming rules

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That makes perfect sense. Thank you, Jay!