Improvement ideas to my Maze activity

maze template

I’m asking for your wise feedback how to improve this maze. for example:

  1. How to enforce the [Start] click
  2. Block other sketch options, and allow only the point click
  3. prevent more than one click on same cell
  4. Any other improvement idea


I think you might have more luck with clickable components in a graph. I’m not sure how to solve your problems using a sketch component. I made a clickable graph template for you (just to make sure it was possible before recommending it). Maze Grid • Activity Builder by Desmos

I did a similar sort of thing here. Take a look and see if it helps.

You can now restrict the tools available in the sketch from the drop-down menu.

I don’t think you can prevent repeat clicks in the same area. But, you can do various list tricks to later filter the list to only give unique values for example.

All in all, I would probably recommend going with the clickable solution that was recommended. It will be a lot easier because you can use actions with clickables and that will make everything simpler.


This is a really cool integration of the sketch and graph.

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