Inequalities Not Graphing Correctly

Hi! I am trying to figure why the inequalities that appear in the table on screen 3 are graphing incorrectly. For example the inequality x + 2y < 100 , a dotted line should go through the point (0, 50), instead it is going through (0, 49.5). This is happening with all the other inequalities on screen 2. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated! :slight_smile:

Iā€™m not seeing that issue:

Take a look at the x-intercept for the inequality 2x + y <= 100. It looks like it is only not graphing a few of them correctly. It is strange.

Looks like you have a typo on line 12:

When h_strict = 1 the rhs is 1 and the calculator is graphing h(x,y) ā‰„ 1

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